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The Process


From hatchery

Our oysters are acquired from licensed and respected Florida hatcheries when they are smaller than the size of a person's pinky nail. They are then taken directly to our farm located in the salty, nutrient-rich waters of Oyster Bay, FL, where they are then placed in our floating cages. We keep our oysters just under the surface of the water to ensure they acquire the most nutrients and oxygen available. This also keeps the oysters clean and sediment free enhancing their quality!


To Farm

Our oysters are then carefully watched over as they grow. We carefully tumble and separate them based on size, while also tending to the cages frequently. Daily water salinity tests ensure optimal conditions for the oysters' health and growth. As they mature, we transfer the oysters to larger floating cages, providing each one with ample oxygen and nutrients. Our farm is located a stone's throw away from the St. Marks Wildlife Refuge which gives us the clean, unpolluted water that oysters thrive in.


to table

Once they reach maturity, our oysters are taken off of the farm to our in-house, state-licensed processing facility for preparation and sale. This ensures that we deliver the freshest and cleanest oysters to our customers. We hope you enjoy them!

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